Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'm in pieces it seems like peace is the only thing I'll never know

So I keep having dreams about being pregnant, its incredibly weird. Apparently it means that there'll be a new birth/idea/thing so...this inspired me to look at the designer who made a dress which Dannii Minogue wore whilst she was pregnant. This designer is Lisa Ho, although she uses a lot of black which I'm usually not a fan of, I quite like the designs with all the shapes and textures she uses. Of course I've put pictures on here that have colour though, because it would be boring otherwise. I quite like this trend with the computer/CGI/graphic printing on dresses etc. I think its fresh. I know fashion goes in circles, but this is new which is refreshing (apologies for the use of fresh x2). I've not posted about the Christopher Kane mushroom cloud tops/dresses- I'm sure you know of them- but that's the kind of cool new thing I'm talking about. The top with the kind of translucent material in it (i know it has a name, i've just forgotten it) is quite like a top I have, which I really love, but its too warm to wear at the moment, although its 10 degrees less here than it was when I was in the States.

I'm not so sure about the use of leggings with the outfits, it seems a bit odd for autumn/winter, but as you like, I guess.

Lovelovelove the striped jacket with the blue shell-like dress, in words it seems like it wouldn't work, but its just the kind of thing I would wear, because I'm a bit odd with my attire.
Lisa Ho seems to really like feathers, I've actually only added one outfit with feathers on here because I'm not a massive fan, nevertheless I think it looks nice on the first dress, colours fit well with the texture and trends.

OOHH and yeah, college has finished for the year, YESSS, I'm going away again on friday too :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

When I walk on the scene, ya'll know me

I returned from NYC and PHL yesterday, early in the morning, I'm still jetlagged , but I thought I'd post anyway, sorry for any horrendous mistakes in spelling, grammar etc. , but tiredness is not becoming to my brain. Yang Du is an oversize knitwear designer and I love it. If I was skinny I would definitely be wearing her creations. They're so cute and interesting. I also love the colour of the female models hair. Her website is nigh-on impossible to get into (or maybe it is just because i'm tired) Although the colours aren't THE brightest, they really stand out in contrast to each other. The geometric patterns fit well with what I've been seeing for A/W, its so hard to imagine wearing jumpers at the moment though, as in NY & Philly it has been 35+ degrees C (105 degrees F I'm told) and 35% humidity, (which really helped my hair ha)

I'm going to be honest here, I don't really like Macy's. I thought it was going to be amazing and I was disappointed by the fashion; the cuts weren't flattering, the patterns weren't cute, I was confused. Nonetheless, I found a sweeet necklace- Alice in Wonderland style so all is good. I actually started watching Alice in Wonderland on the plane to the US, but I got bored after about 20 minutes, its not all its hyped up to be is it?