Saturday, 16 May 2015

The final days

I have 6 days left until I finish university and my life is pretty much lived in two of my university's libraries. And tonight I'm supposed to be going to a party and I think I've forgotten how to be social + look nice.

It's a strange transition to make; to go from silence to small talk and big talk.

We'll see how this goes...

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Having just read through my blog I still can't get over the direction my life has taken.
I started this blog in 2009- that's 6 years ago, I was 16 years old and still at boarding school.
Within this time I've seen my desire to travel increase and funnily enough it has happened during this interim blogging break.

Last summer was probably the start of it. I decided one day, probably about this time last year that I was just going to go to Bordeaux to see a friend. I booked a one-way flight and thought I'd find my way back to Edinburgh in time for my internship. This took me through France, with a stop-off in Paris for the weekend, to Brussels for a day (my first time staying in a city alone) and then flying to Bodrum to meet my parents for a week before flying back to Edinburgh.

Travel is so amazing, but it doesn't have to be distant. Since my travelling experience last summer I became braver (is that right?!)and started to travel within my country. I've explored so  much more of Scotland and it has been incredible. This is such a beautiful country and I didn't even realise until 2.5 years living here- how ridiculous!

I just got on my bicycle and rode to places, taking in the air, the beauty and sounds of nature.

And that's crazy too because without those experiences I doubt I would have got this job, or maybe even wanted to stay in Scotland.

If you go back far enough, you see how homesick for Surrey I used to be, but now Edinburgh is home.

To shift your heart to a new city is a big thing.

I've come to realise though, that it is not possible to flourish when planted in two places. You must decide where you put your roots, to allow them to get the depth they need for nutrition.

In the next 2 years I'm going to be moving around again and I anticipate it to be tough, but I've learned so much from resettling 400 miles North. 


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It's been some time

So I restarted this blog when I came to university. I am now 9 days away from the end of university.

4 years later and so very much has changed.

I cannot believe how much I have learnt within the academic sphere, the workplace and just out and about in daily life.
I feel like a lot changed when I hit 21, which is now over a year ago. It sounds ridiculous that a new age can change things, but it truly did for me. At 21, I essentially moved away from home properly, since that birthday I haven't been to my parent's for longer than 2 weeks at a time.

I am now 22, about to finish uni and have a graduate job lined up for September, conditional on getting a 2:1. 3 more exams to get there.