Thursday, 19 August 2010

In her eyes is love and fire

Do you ever really want a cupcake? I do right now, but I remember the thought of a cupcake is much nicer than they actually turn out to be. So pretty on the outside, icing, decorations, frills. Then you bite into it and..cake.. I don't like cake that much, so I don't understand my pining for cupcakes. ANYWAY, to the fashion, yes, there is a link, J. Crew's new campaign with Katie Holmes and other beautiful people, from the Romantics- it contains cupcakes and its really cute and so is the collection, cute, but sophisticated. I guess that's why they used Katie Holmes,

she's got that look down.

The pictures look a lot better on the website

Monday, 9 August 2010

Everything I want, but all that I don't need

CampingFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Camping by NewGen featuring TopShop
I have just discovered polyvore, its pretty cool actually, I like how I don't have to bother with photoshop etc. ANYWAY I'm going away tomorrow, still having packed and its 10:15 at night, so that's good haha. OK, seriously have to pack, spent about 2 hours sorting through the attic looking at old photographs from when I was in year 4, and my diary from when I was 11-14, funny to remember the times I've been through, but there's always those memories you don't want to remember, aren't there. Hope you're all good :) might do a giveaway at some point, found a good random number website, so yeaaah, xx

Thursday, 5 August 2010

this is not my political correct flo

I have had an amazing summer so far, but I'm home and can't help the feeling that ..errghh I don't know. I guess its this feeling that I don't belong where I am. I've only lived here for a year, a 100+ mile move, so maybe this is a feeling that makes sense, but.. I don't know. And I'm sorry for venting if you're reading this, just go down to the next post, its more interesting, about fashion, because I'm a boring person really. I have friends though, don't know why, apparently I'm amusing. Which is cool, I guess. This is such passive writing, so many cool things have happened to me, but most of them I can't tell anyone about because of errrghh, if you know of Gilmore Girls- my life is kind of like that, a mixture of Lorelai & Rory really. Anyway there are things I can write about, like seeing Jay-Z at Wireless, which was sick. He was amazing, as was Tinie Tempah, who I know you've not heard of in America, so check him out, his two big songs are Frisky & Pass Out. I feel a bit of a fraud now, talking about rap whilst listening trashy pop (although its doing a good attempt at cheering me up) - Diana Vickers and Selena Gomez, with a bit of the classic Beyonce- why don't you love me- thrown in.

AAaaaah life. I think that's it for the rant. Apologies. I'll find a beautiful picture to add from explore on flickr, to make this prettier. I like how passionate the photographer is about this photo, he's called Kane Gledhill and this was taken in Australia, I would love to go there, just travel, would be so cool.

On a positive note, people have been commenting on my style, which is unusual, I like fashion, but people don't tend to notice, so that's nice.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Look what you made me do look what I made for you

I've always liked mens fashion, but it seems to be flagging a little a the moment, creativity-wise. I don't know- maybe I'm just not seeing it, or 'getting it'. I really like J.W. Anderson's A/W '10 collection though. Yes, its a bit dark, but the splashes of colour really liven it up. It is quite grungy/punky and has an early 90s vibe to it, but I quite like it. Only problem I guess would be that you'd have to have a certain look/attitude to go along with it. That depends on accessories though, if you wore the looks without the heavy metal boots, replacing them with a smooth brogue or such, the look could work for most people.

What is awesome about JWA is that he does womens clothing as well, so I'll post on that too, just thought I should put a little post on menswear due to my lack of such a topic ever, and seeing as I found a designer who's menswear I like.

JWA's an Irish designer, based in London, just come back off a holiday with a load of my Irish friends, so this seems like a nice homage to them.

Hope you're all having a good summer,