Friday, 18 June 2010

All the right moves in all the right places

YES MY FRIENDS, Newgen is back and with some very cool new designers. They may be even too cool for me, but I'll try to do them justice. So lets get started, Felicity Brown, a designer from my home-town, has created these beautiful dresses, not so ready-to-wear, but I can see them being worn at red carpet events. The dip dyed ends of fabric look like they're about to drop off the ends of the dress, (in a good way) like icicles, or stalactites, (hope that's spelt right). The layering is very interesting because of how the layers are draped it seems like a weaving on some of the dresses. Whatever it is called, its heavily artistic and very interesting to look at. These are some of my favourites, you can see more by looking at the London Fashion Week Website . Her designs are some of the first A/W '10 designs I've liked, I've been in a fussy mood recently, hence the lack of posts because I don't want to write about things that I don't really like.
What's weird though is that Felicity Brown's website has completely different clothes on from the catwalk collection. On the website, the clothes are totally ready-to-wear, as in I could quite happily snap up one of the dresses and throw it over a pair of black tights with my brogues.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Blurring, whirring, tapping, cracking

Apologies, once again my laptop has been having issues- the plug wires broke and I ran my battery out, but thankfully Mr. eBay came to my rescue and I'm back online. I've been revising now for about 6 hours on & off so I thought now's time for a pause. I've been on the search for khaki trousers/skirts recently, I have to have 3 pairs of these in order to go on this course I'm going to, (I know it sounds strange) , but at least, I thought to myself, khaki (or utility) is in this season, so there's a lot of it in store. I have now bought one pair of trousers- just above ankle which I'll wear with my brogues and a skirt which is really cute, with a bow on the front.

If I were rich though, these are what I would have gone for rather than H&M and New Look's best.
Satin khaki trousers by Stella McCartney would prove chic and cool during days walking around.
All Saints turned up chinos- although not-so-khaki- I thought I could get away with it, scruffy look to it, the kind of trousers you could imagine sitting in a park in.
Balmain just rocked the 'utility' trend- although pockets on the thigh area wouldn't be a good look for my legs I love the whole look put together, the torn tee and leather looking blazer.

Hope life is good for you, today's been weird, just as I was starting to think arhgjjjjjjj screw you revision, I got a phone call about what I'm doing this summer and I felt inspired. Life can be cool like that sometimes.