Sunday, 31 March 2013


Happy Easter lovely people!
I hope you've had a nice day.
I have spent the last 6+ hours (2:45-9:30) in the library working hard, but its worth it, I've basically finished my essay!
Its weird that I'm still in university over Easter weekend, its actually my first Easter away from home which has made me feel a bit sad, especially with my friends all being back home, it sucks. However, having got my essay basically done has brought me joy, so that's cool

At church today we did this Orthodox Egg Bashing tradition which was fun..Anyone else heard of this? Red eggs, the winner is the person with an unsmashed egg. Mine smashed in the first round, I think it requires skill.

CHRISTOS ANESTI / / Χριστός Ανέστη

Friday, 29 March 2013

I I I I work out

When you're in the gym and this song comes on you can't help but laugh.

However after this run I continued to do a hardcore legs workout and now I can barely move without some muscle in my leg hurting. No pain no gain.

By the way I'm doing a race for life, this is why I'm training as such.


 As a Brit, I quite enjoy talking about the weather. So I apologise in advance, but this post is climate related.
It is the 29th March today, Good Friday, however, in Edinburgh, it has been snowing, and also sun-shine-ing like a beauty too. It is messed up, which means...layers. So I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today, I have 4 layers of tops on, that's intense for the end of March, however, it is very necessary.

I had my last economics lecture of the year today. Don't really know how I feel about that. Just means I have to study study study, revise revise revise, for the next 6 weeks. For the first time ever I asked my lecturer a question and he told me I was correct in my questioning and inferred that I was clever. Good feeling.

I like to combine textures, materials, anything. My hair looks dip-dyed in this picture. Its not, unless that's still the hair dye from 2009. 
Yes I wore a jumper under my denim was literally freezing this morning.

On a side note, I finished my thinking through Japan classes today too, which is pretty emotional as I really enjoyed the course, the people, the discussion, not all of the films though. 2 films that were weird were Akira (watched that yesterday) and The Insect Woman. Have you seen either of these? Interested to hear opinions.

Jumper, H&M; Denim Shirt, Oasis; Studded jumper, Papillone; Jeans, Primark (I know bad quality, but I'm pretty broke) 
Bracelet from church

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I'll be back one day

So I have decided to return to blogger.
tumblr was great for the time I had with it, but now I feel a little too old to be on it. It saddens me that so much of it is pre-occupied with looking good and I'm fed up of seeing half-naked girls sucking in their non existent stomachs on my feed. So back to blogger, where I have more control. 

So much has changed since I last posted on here. Seriously. It was April 2011. Nearly 2 years ago. I was just finishing my A-levels, at college, in Surrey, not many friends, living at home, and overweight (BMI at 28.8)!

Now. I am at university, in Edinburgh, studying economics with management science, have a few good friends up here and many many amazing friends back in Surrey. I live with 2 flatmates, in a freezing student flat (it has to be done, right? heating is expensive) Also I am no longer overweight. My BMI is in the normal range, I'm still working at getting it down some more, but its not my main preoccupation. I am now more concerned with  fitness than with weight. I like food. I cook good food. 

I want to travel. Hopefully the next time I take a look  back on my blog I'll have been to some new places.

Apparently this year will be the  best in our lifetime to see the Northern Lights, so I hope to go to Iceland. I've just checked flights from Edinburgh to Reykjavik (yes I did just have to spell check that) and they're reasonable; Ryanair do a route, so  as long as I'm luggage free I could probably do it without too great an expense.

Its my penultimate week of second year lectures and I have 2 exams to go until I can enjoy my summer. I don't think I'm going away because I'm interning and working (part time of each) so its unlikely I'll find time for that, but I don't mind. Its going to be great.

Oh and by the way, a lot of my old posts pictures have been taken down, so that's why it all looks a bit odd.