Thursday, 28 January 2010

You're never gonna be somebody else, you're never gonna see until you see yourself

I don't usually write about the big big big names, but Chanel's resort collection 2010 is gorgeous. I was reading an interview with Lily Allen today and that pointed me in Chanel's direction. It's all very nautical and the classic navy & cream of Chanel is very present. To me I think that's great, that they're sticking with their arena (probably the wrong word, i don't know). The blazer and trouser combo is gorgeous and I love the whole nautical theme which is throughout all resort collections I've seen. Oh and the cape and swimsuit look really reminds me of the Volturi in Twilight; New Moon. Haha.

Monday, 25 January 2010

I heard for sure last night,

I'm kind of disappointed, I've been looking, searching, scouring the internet for editorials from UniQlo's new womenswear ranges, but to no avail. I got some jeans from there today and was seriously impressed with the fact that they will tailor them to fit, which is great for me, seeing as my legs are rather long. I was going to sing their praises, yet all I can find is menswear, which is equally great, but not an interest of mine. All I can say is, Mr Yanai, owner of UniQlo, I am upset. (probably doesn't care though)

If anyone knows of anywhere I can see their new lines in editorial, I would be very thankful.

Here's some pictures of menswear though,

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl, frozen in the headlights

I've been loving gingham prints for some time now, but Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer '10 collection really brings together the girlish/punk aspect of the pattern. I know that sounds weird, and you might not agree with me on this. The laptop I'm using is about to die, so I'll just upload some outfits and leave this for your comments.

collage from

Saturday, 23 January 2010

I've only just begun to know you

I'm feeling so uninspired by everything at the moment, but this designer has rather cheered me up. It's a label called ANT!PODiUM , and its different, no real pastels and I just want to wear all of it, which is a feeling I don't often get with a collection. The 'dreamtime' pink dress is so fresh, yet edgy I love it. If you've read some of my other posts you may realise I've got a small obsession with blazer jackets, and the 'hot under the scholar' blazer is no exception to my obsession, it looks preppy, but punk at the same time. I think that's what I like about this collection, it takes two opposite ideas and combines them in the pieces. I have a similar feeling for the 'hook up' shirt dress, shirt dresses were so huge last year, where I was living anyway, but this looks so different to those I've seen previously. Looks more like wool to me, maybe it is? I can't really tell, what do you think, or do you know?

Final thought, do you not just love the shoes, the structure and shapes are simply cool. In addition, ANT!PODiUM sell in the UK, Ireland, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, so you're going to be close to one (probably/maybe) wherever you are

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

They been waiting patiently for Pinnochio to poke his nose

Louise Gray is a budding designer who plays with bright colours and interesting textures. Her contrasts are very interesting, yet again another designer using pastels in their new collections, but they don't feel very pastel, those colours are almost undertones to highlight the shape rather than to just be a colour. Her use of different patterns against each other is fabulous, it could quite easily have looked disastrous contrasting zig zags with polka dots, but the dress looks great. If I'm going to be honest, I'm not such a fan of blue television-esque t-shirt, but I love love love the trousers with it. The shape is great, incredibly flattering, as is the material used. It has an almost iridescent quality, the up turned cuff completes the look. Although the sleeved pastel blue dress is not quite ready-to-wear I could imagine a part of it being worn on the streets, I don't quite understand the pattern, but that's why its on here. The contrast of the red on blue is pretty though, although I'm sure I've heard "Red & Blue should never be seen", ah well.

Oh & the playsuit, I love. The texture, the colour, the pockets, the matched bikini and lining, just lovely.

What do you think?

I don't know who the photographer is, but I think the pictures are great in addition to the makeup

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

H to the izzo V to the izza

I've got to say, I love LP.BG, acronym of the designers Lily Parker & Ben Grimes, their S/S '10 collection is so fresh, generally clean lines and pretty. They've combined the idea of pastels, but the overall feel of the collection is more sporty ready-to-wear, than the floating pastels which I've seen in other collections. Personally, I really like this difference. The blue cat dress in cotton sateen is gorgeous, in these heels it looks like it could have stepped right out of an Alice in Wonderland tea party. The Sophie Dress Almond with Orange Waistband initially looks so simple, but on a second glance you can see the sheer cut outs, giving a new assymetric shape to the dress. There's a similar feel to the shorts and vest look, with the contrast pockets on the shorts and the semi-sheer at the front and sides of the vest.
I love this model's hair aswell, I've said this before about the "wavy gravy" look, but if anyone knows how to get curly hair to have a nice fringe without straightening/relaxing it, I'd love to know,
Photographer: Alastair Strong
Styling: Phoebe Arnold
Hair: Bon
Make up: Niammh Quinn

Sunday, 10 January 2010

'Cause the scars run so deep it's been hard, but I have to believe

Heyy, just a quick one, I've changed the layout of my blog, do you like it or did you prefer it the way it was? Let me know,

Here's a preview of what I'll be blogging about soon, LP.BG

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Catch a glimpse from her empty stare, hidden eyes behind her auburn hair

Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer '10 collection is swirls of colours, reminiscent of the patterns you get during paint plate spinning, and I love it. Certain dresses are classical, other are more avant garde and some have hints of the oriental. Certain looks look as if they're weather-inspired. Her last collection was inspired by perfume, but I've got to say I much prefer this more abstract look. What I also appreciate is that she's not stuck with the trend of pastels, which I do like I'm not going to lie, but it is nice to see splashes of colour. I also really like her accesories, the arm-bracelets are also swirls of colour, whereas the shoes stick with nudes and don't you love the models' makeup.
I must mention that I loved her website,, the only thing is that her spring/summer collection isn't on there, but I'm sure that will be updated soon.
Photos are by Christopher Moore, (I think, they're from

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good friends we've had, good friends we've lost, along the way

I should be revising for my upcoming exams, and I have been all day, so I'm taking a break to write about this awesome designer called Sykes which I've come across. Another designer following the trend of pastels for Spring/Summer '10. What I find interesting is the use of older models, like much older, not model-world old, these could be pensioners, in her campaigns. Spot the two identical outfits :). Nevertheless, I find the depth and tones to their skin a more interesting contrast for some of the outfits. Back to the clothing though, I found it really difficult to decide upon my favourites to put into this, but the pale blue shorts and nude tops look so good together, if I had a more suitable skin colour I would love to wear something like that, the shoes are great too, the detail of the curves and angles is superb. The blue jacket is rather like one I have in grey, from topshop, so I guess thats why I was led to put this photo in. The love blazers at the moment, I would have bought a new peach blazer in the sales, but a fire alarm went off in the shopping centre so I couldn't buy it, I was rather sad. The hair style that model has is what I really want, apparently its called wavy gravy, but it would be impossible for my hair type. Back to the blazer, the detailing just above the cuffs is beautiful, the almost irridescence is great, adds another dimension I think. The outfit in the picture against the black walled background looks so casual, but at the same time could quite easily be a "going-out" outfit. Although the two shiny fabrics next to each other is unusual, the nude skirt is amazing, especially against the blue shirt. The black and white outfit is great too, the folding of the front panel of the skirt with that gorgeous button, it is similar to the ralph lauren buttons of some of their polo shirts. There is a comparison between the blue jacket and the black hoody in this outfit, that is the detailing of the sleeve above the cuff, where in this outfit the designer uses a sheer fabric to add another level to the outfit.
I apologize for my lack of knowing the correct names for colours, I'll try to learn in this year, I did do art in the past, but I've forgotten the majority of my colour wheel. I also need to learn some more adjectives I realise. I've started watching Project Runway, although some people think its awful, I think it will help me learn more words to do with fashion, materials etc.
Thank you, leave a comment if you like :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I can't take your problems away, if they're not in the way

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been away over Christmas & New Year and also the internet appears to not be working on my own computer, so I'm borrowing at the moment.

I hope you had a Happy Christmas & I wish you a great new year.

Now, down to business; David Koma, a rising star in 2009, but what of him for 2010, we first heard of him, well I did anyway, when Cheryl Cole and Beyonce wore incredibly similar dresses designed by him. There was outrage in gossip mags etc, but I didn't really care because they look so different themselves that the dresses looked dissimilar enough.

His Spring/Summer '10 collection is following the trend of pastels to some extent, however there are splashes of bright hues and shady blacks. I think his collection is great.

The dress at the bottom, was worn by Rihanna aswell, just a little added bit of information there. :)

Enjoy my favourites and you can view the rest on his site