Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Since you've been away, Everything don't seem like it used to be

There's this Scottish(?) designer Holly Fulton who recently graced London Fashion Week with her collection. However, it's the Spring/Summer 2010 collection that I'm interested in. Lots of symmetrical block designs and it's all very architectural, you can clearly see in some of her designs some famous buildings, such as the Empire State building in certain outfits, look on her website . I have got to mention also her accessories which I absolutely love and they are available for sale.
This necklace gets a special mention, yes, the outfit is amazing also, but look at the intricacy in the necklace, this statement piece really brings it all together. I can imagine that the look looks much less striking without this accessory, not forgetting the bracelet on the left hand and bag in the right.

Doesn't the skirt remind you of the leggings available on, above right ?
Also love the shoes with the leggings, and did you notice how all of Holly Fulton's models wore flats, thought that was interesting.

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