Monday, 25 January 2010

I heard for sure last night,

I'm kind of disappointed, I've been looking, searching, scouring the internet for editorials from UniQlo's new womenswear ranges, but to no avail. I got some jeans from there today and was seriously impressed with the fact that they will tailor them to fit, which is great for me, seeing as my legs are rather long. I was going to sing their praises, yet all I can find is menswear, which is equally great, but not an interest of mine. All I can say is, Mr Yanai, owner of UniQlo, I am upset. (probably doesn't care though)

If anyone knows of anywhere I can see their new lines in editorial, I would be very thankful.

Here's some pictures of menswear though,


  1. gotta love a guy in a good blazer, but yes I agree - bring on the women's looks!

    xo niki
    *a haute mess

  2. That guy is cute..Love the blazer