Thursday, 18 March 2010

Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note

It is one of those chilled evenings, sat on my deskchair that leans far too far back, listening to reggae. All I could do with now is a nice warm decaff by my side. Nonetheless, this state of being relaxed inspired me to write, and this time about this lovely designer Laura Theiss. Her expertise is in knitwear and her fall 2010 collection is inspired by Samurai's. Hence the model's look. I'm not usually a fan of knitwear, but this is gorgeous. It is making me seriously considering getting on board the cardigan train. (strange metaphor, I know) Those patchwork tights are amazing too. I've always had a love for coloured tights, I was one of, (thinking about it now,) I was the first to start wearing opaque coloured tights when I was in my early teens, (yeah I'd like to think I started that trend, [unlikely though it is]). These tights have a more superior feel though to my red, blue and tartan tights from then. The ruched black shirt/top is lovely too, I think I'd need to wear it with something underneath during autumn though as I generally feel the cold. This reminds me of that episode of ANTM cycle 13(the one with the petite models?) where they have to fly about as samurais.


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