Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My winning streak is missing

So today, I'm going to look at the best of bling for this Spring's High St (online) looks, apologies for bad put together, I only have paint, might get back to photoshop soon as my own laptop should be getting fixed soon :), its been broken for about 2 months now. I'm rather disappointed with the high st. really, they've really toned down what was on the catwalks. I was expecting to see full length embellished dresses, but I've seen sequins and a few buttons. However, this amazing bandau I found astounded me. I think its beautiful and its on asos.com by One Teaspoon for a mere £120, you may think, wow that's a lot for just a small top, but really look at the detailing on it, beautiful. I really don't know how to upload this montage in a good size either, I'm generally good at technical things, but maybe its just paint :S. Anywayys, have you seen any spring bling in the stores or online? Because all that's around in my ends are sequins, which are okay sometimes, eg- on my new cardigan, but not so much covering a whole blazer, which I have seen around. Just my opinion though, maybe there are some nice sequined blazers which I have failed to see. I went to the zoo today, so I'm pretty tired again, the monkeys were so cute, and I'm not one to usually see the appeal of animals, then again the smell of the giraffes was pretty...unforgettable.

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