Thursday, 6 May 2010

I will go down with this ship

Some of you may know that its election day in the UK today. I was about to paint my nails blue, but then realised people might think I was supporting the conservatives through this movement, although I can't vote anyway, I didn't want to upset anybody especially as I live very near to a very liberal democrat area. So I decided to go with grey, a colour that I don't think any political party is represented by, unless they're some small group that has only just been created for this election :S. So where's the fashion://? It's here; blue, red and yellow. The colours of the three main parties, although at the debates Nick Clegg (yellow/lib dem) was wearing an orange tie, which disappointed me, I was hoping to see a flash of yellow in the middle. If you're not British, this probably is meaningless and boring and you've probably stopped reading by now. A makeup related item for each major party from one of my favourite websites-

1 comment:

  1. very cool colours. i love how they are doing the blue brush on the eyelids. i seem to suck everytime doing that - messing every good stuff all over my eyes like a raccoon.