Sunday, 2 January 2011

I still believe, its you and me 'til the end of time

So I've been away for a while. My laptop broke, for 4 months! Oh well, we're all good now. Although a lot's happened since then, I got accepted to university, I turned 18 and its been Christmas and NEW YEAR. wow.

A lot has changed in fashion as well, as I look towards Spring/Summer of this year, Meadham Kirchhoff's got frills and cuteness galore. In their LFW show the models had coloured hair which is rather opposite to the usual image which kitsch is, but it works, on some of the models anyway. I really like this last outfit, I'm loving baby pinks right now and I've always (well since I've been thinking about fashion) liked the combination of dresses with fitted jackets.

Peter Pan collars are everywhere right now and I think its such a sweet look. Makes a 'boring' shirt look cool. Although these outfits are far from boring anyway.
I'm not so sure about the trend that everyone seems to be wearing out currently- one sleeved dresses. I understand that people find the new neckline interesting, but I like 2 sleeves or non at all. Just opinion, some people look great in 2 sleeves. Anyway

Happy New Year, xx

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