Thursday, 18 April 2013

a day *or two* of life

 My day in pictures, well kind of 2 days in pictures. Breakfast yesterday was this American beauty of pancakes (well crepes, which are more French, but whatever) with maple syrup and crispy bacon! Delicious! I'd always though this was a bit weird, but we had bacon, pancake mix left from the weekend and maple syrup in so it had to be done and it was incredible (get it, edible ;])
So as not to be completely unhealthy, my mid morning revision break snack was grapes. I always count them out into mugs when I'm at uni, but at home we have glasses so I thought I'd be slightly classier (definitely wasn't to do with the fact that all the mugs were in the dishwasher). Pretty, hey?
 My Mum and I went shopping in the mid-late afternoon for some new shoes to go with the outfit I am wearing in the picture further down. We always walk past Paul, but never buy anything, but I've been ill so I think my Mum felt bad for me and bought me the most fabulous macaroon. I hope  heaven has macaroons.
Just look at that! It was a vanilla one, with vanilla cream. You can see my management science notes in the background *such fun.* I couldn't eat the whole thing yesterday as they're massive (which they really should be considering the expense) so this was my revision break snack today. 

This is the outfit I am searching for shoes for. I did buy a pair of shoes yesterday, but they don't go with this, they're more jean shoes. SO if you have any suggestions, link them to me in comments, I'd really appreciate it.

In the evening I went round to one of my friend's house for dinner, she has this AMAZING toaster oven, something which I've never seen before. We were making coffee and walnut cake (with a few sneaky pecans) so we popped them in the toaster. She's only ever seen them in Malaysia, so I guess I need to make a trip there. Have you seen them anywhere else?

 Here is our finished product! It is delicious! I have a lot left, so my connect group will hopefully enjoy this tonight (bar the one guy who's allergic to nuts...woops)

Outfit: T-shirt, H&M; Skirt, Next

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