Monday, 27 May 2013

On my way Part I

So I've been away for a wee while. My Summer has officially begun.
Had my final exam on Thursday and then my Mum arrived in Edinburgh. We had dinner at The Albanach, which I'd been recommended by a friend. The food was good...when it arrived. This is why I have no pictures. The food took FOREVER to arrive; we knew what we wanted so ordered almost immediately, but the food took 45 minutes. I was in physical pain from hunger by the point the food arrived (I hadn't eaten since before my exam (about 12:45) and it was  about 20:00 when we arrived at the restaurant). The waiter said our order had got crossed with someone elses. Not good. Food was nice though. My Mum & I shared a Balmoral Chicken & a haggis, neeps & tatties. Good Scottish fare. I felt I needed to eat Scottish food considering I'd just finished half of my degree in a Scottish university. Only 2 years to go!

The next day we headed to St. Andrews, very slowly, along the Fife Tourist Trail.

This is going over the Forth Road Bridge (the car one). It felt like we were driving into the clouds.
 We accidentally headed down a cul de sac, but this beach was at the end so was very worth the detour.
 This view is back looking at the Forth Road Rail Bridge, and Edinburgh is in the very far background.
 There were so many of these snails on the beach. They're alive, don't worry.
 Here's me, being a tourist.

I took SO many photographs this will need to be done in parts. So this concludes the first installment.

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