Sunday, 12 May 2013

That's just what this song's about

I don't want to restrict myself on this blog like I used to, just purely being about fashion. I'm just going to write what I want, when I want. Hopefully I'll be more regular in it for this reason because I often think I'd like to write about something, but then I worry that it wouldn't fit in. I don't think you'd realise this if you looked through my last few posts because they are random, but my life is random, so it makes sense that my blog would be too.

So today I want to share with you my favourite songs at the moment. Hope that it is agreeable.

1. No Angels- Bastille ft Ella (TLC vs The XX)
This song just makes me feel chilled. Also being a 90s kid, it brings back memories.

2. Home Town- Rizzle Kicks
I'm pretty home sick at the moment, even though I've only been back in Edinburgh for 6 days. Maybe its worse when its been less time, I'm not sure. However, this song expresses that longing for home, the people and the memories.

3. Made Alive- Citizens
This is such a jolly song. Seriously. It just makes you want to bob up and down. Also best/truest (is that a word most true maybe?) lyrics of all these songs.

4. Flashing Room - 2AM Club
This makes me dance. I was just casually shuffling through my iPod whilst brushing my teeth then this came on and I had to dance. That is unusual for me. I am not a frequent dancer, especially whilst brushing my teeth. Hence why this song makes this list.

I realise 4 is a random number to stop at, but that's my list so, that'll be it.

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