Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Together we made it.

We finally made it to St. Andrews. Here's a photo of the monastery.
 spot my Ma in the corner haha
This cheeky chappy was so close to us, rather fetching feathers.
 Seeing this gravestone really made me think. That even after death this person (or their family, who knows) wanted to show the paramounce of Jesus in their life. I told my Mum I want a gravestone like this. She said she'd hope to not be around when I die, which is fair enough. So, internet world, let it be known, when I die I'd like a cross on my gravestone. Also I'd like a verse, not sure which yet, maybe from Isaiah 61, my favourite chapter currently.
 This is the other side of St Andrews beach. A rocky outlay, with lots of sea- birds as well as a little family of mallard..I'll be impressed if you spot them- they blend in so well and its a surprise to see ducks on the sea anyway.
 So the day after St Andrews, we packed up all of my stuff into the car, headed around the corner to put them in storage with a friend and then headed on home, with a stop in the Lake District at a friend's cabin. Which is where these photos were taken.
 How lovely is this! Just at the bottom of their garden. Perfect relaxation place.
Oooh I love running water.
When I was younger (I think 11) a school friend got me a water feature for my birthday. This was the most unique present I'd ever received (but I'd always wanted one, I don't think I'd told her that) but that one present changed my whole perspective on gift giving. No more bubble baths or glitter girls gift bags from me- it is so totally the thought that counts.

And I realise that ending is really random, but this photo just reminded me of it and I think its important.

I've decided to post things on scheduled posts because otherwise I'd just post everything at the same time, when I have the time, but I'll see if this works and if so it'll be cool. I think so anyway :)

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