Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good friends we've had, good friends we've lost, along the way

I should be revising for my upcoming exams, and I have been all day, so I'm taking a break to write about this awesome designer called Sykes which I've come across. Another designer following the trend of pastels for Spring/Summer '10. What I find interesting is the use of older models, like much older, not model-world old, these could be pensioners, in her campaigns. Spot the two identical outfits :). Nevertheless, I find the depth and tones to their skin a more interesting contrast for some of the outfits. Back to the clothing though, I found it really difficult to decide upon my favourites to put into this, but the pale blue shorts and nude tops look so good together, if I had a more suitable skin colour I would love to wear something like that, the shoes are great too, the detail of the curves and angles is superb. The blue jacket is rather like one I have in grey, from topshop, so I guess thats why I was led to put this photo in. The love blazers at the moment, I would have bought a new peach blazer in the sales, but a fire alarm went off in the shopping centre so I couldn't buy it, I was rather sad. The hair style that model has is what I really want, apparently its called wavy gravy, but it would be impossible for my hair type. Back to the blazer, the detailing just above the cuffs is beautiful, the almost irridescence is great, adds another dimension I think. The outfit in the picture against the black walled background looks so casual, but at the same time could quite easily be a "going-out" outfit. Although the two shiny fabrics next to each other is unusual, the nude skirt is amazing, especially against the blue shirt. The black and white outfit is great too, the folding of the front panel of the skirt with that gorgeous button, it is similar to the ralph lauren buttons of some of their polo shirts. There is a comparison between the blue jacket and the black hoody in this outfit, that is the detailing of the sleeve above the cuff, where in this outfit the designer uses a sheer fabric to add another level to the outfit.
I apologize for my lack of knowing the correct names for colours, I'll try to learn in this year, I did do art in the past, but I've forgotten the majority of my colour wheel. I also need to learn some more adjectives I realise. I've started watching Project Runway, although some people think its awful, I think it will help me learn more words to do with fashion, materials etc.
Thank you, leave a comment if you like :)


  1. I've never heard of this line before, but it looks great! I like your write-up on it.