Sunday, 3 January 2010

I can't take your problems away, if they're not in the way

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been away over Christmas & New Year and also the internet appears to not be working on my own computer, so I'm borrowing at the moment.

I hope you had a Happy Christmas & I wish you a great new year.

Now, down to business; David Koma, a rising star in 2009, but what of him for 2010, we first heard of him, well I did anyway, when Cheryl Cole and Beyonce wore incredibly similar dresses designed by him. There was outrage in gossip mags etc, but I didn't really care because they look so different themselves that the dresses looked dissimilar enough.

His Spring/Summer '10 collection is following the trend of pastels to some extent, however there are splashes of bright hues and shady blacks. I think his collection is great.

The dress at the bottom, was worn by Rihanna aswell, just a little added bit of information there. :)

Enjoy my favourites and you can view the rest on his site

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