Thursday, 4 February 2010

The world turns in all of its ways

As I write this my battery is warning me that I only have 17 minutes remaining before it gives up on me, so... this had better be quick. That aside, Loewe's S/S '10 collection is beautiful . The skirts and trousers really remind me of Althea Harper from Project Runway and her style, I don't know what she's doing at the moment, but I'll look that up when I have more battery and get back to you. Although I can't quite understand the colour palette, it's interesting to see the contrasting(ish) hues against each other. I think I've added a few really similar pictures, but I just love the style, I probably couldn't pull off the entire look, but would definitely, if I had the money, use some of the pieces to create my own interpretation.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't see the comeback of the poncho/cape as a great addition to the streets/walks? It just brings connotations of Ugly Betty to me if I'm going to be honest.
pheww, got that done with 8 minutes to go until death of laptop.
photos from iMAXTREE


  1. Lovely post!I love those pants.My pictures were taken in Athens!Thanks for the comment! C:

  2. LOVE this post!
    gorgeous collection, that one.
    great blog :)
    stop by mine some time xx