Thursday, 3 June 2010

Blurring, whirring, tapping, cracking

Apologies, once again my laptop has been having issues- the plug wires broke and I ran my battery out, but thankfully Mr. eBay came to my rescue and I'm back online. I've been revising now for about 6 hours on & off so I thought now's time for a pause. I've been on the search for khaki trousers/skirts recently, I have to have 3 pairs of these in order to go on this course I'm going to, (I know it sounds strange) , but at least, I thought to myself, khaki (or utility) is in this season, so there's a lot of it in store. I have now bought one pair of trousers- just above ankle which I'll wear with my brogues and a skirt which is really cute, with a bow on the front.

If I were rich though, these are what I would have gone for rather than H&M and New Look's best.
Satin khaki trousers by Stella McCartney would prove chic and cool during days walking around.
All Saints turned up chinos- although not-so-khaki- I thought I could get away with it, scruffy look to it, the kind of trousers you could imagine sitting in a park in.
Balmain just rocked the 'utility' trend- although pockets on the thigh area wouldn't be a good look for my legs I love the whole look put together, the torn tee and leather looking blazer.

Hope life is good for you, today's been weird, just as I was starting to think arhgjjjjjjj screw you revision, I got a phone call about what I'm doing this summer and I felt inspired. Life can be cool like that sometimes.

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