Thursday, 5 August 2010

this is not my political correct flo

I have had an amazing summer so far, but I'm home and can't help the feeling that ..errghh I don't know. I guess its this feeling that I don't belong where I am. I've only lived here for a year, a 100+ mile move, so maybe this is a feeling that makes sense, but.. I don't know. And I'm sorry for venting if you're reading this, just go down to the next post, its more interesting, about fashion, because I'm a boring person really. I have friends though, don't know why, apparently I'm amusing. Which is cool, I guess. This is such passive writing, so many cool things have happened to me, but most of them I can't tell anyone about because of errrghh, if you know of Gilmore Girls- my life is kind of like that, a mixture of Lorelai & Rory really. Anyway there are things I can write about, like seeing Jay-Z at Wireless, which was sick. He was amazing, as was Tinie Tempah, who I know you've not heard of in America, so check him out, his two big songs are Frisky & Pass Out. I feel a bit of a fraud now, talking about rap whilst listening trashy pop (although its doing a good attempt at cheering me up) - Diana Vickers and Selena Gomez, with a bit of the classic Beyonce- why don't you love me- thrown in.

AAaaaah life. I think that's it for the rant. Apologies. I'll find a beautiful picture to add from explore on flickr, to make this prettier. I like how passionate the photographer is about this photo, he's called Kane Gledhill and this was taken in Australia, I would love to go there, just travel, would be so cool.

On a positive note, people have been commenting on my style, which is unusual, I like fashion, but people don't tend to notice, so that's nice.

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