Friday, 29 March 2013


 As a Brit, I quite enjoy talking about the weather. So I apologise in advance, but this post is climate related.
It is the 29th March today, Good Friday, however, in Edinburgh, it has been snowing, and also sun-shine-ing like a beauty too. It is messed up, which means...layers. So I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today, I have 4 layers of tops on, that's intense for the end of March, however, it is very necessary.

I had my last economics lecture of the year today. Don't really know how I feel about that. Just means I have to study study study, revise revise revise, for the next 6 weeks. For the first time ever I asked my lecturer a question and he told me I was correct in my questioning and inferred that I was clever. Good feeling.

I like to combine textures, materials, anything. My hair looks dip-dyed in this picture. Its not, unless that's still the hair dye from 2009. 
Yes I wore a jumper under my denim was literally freezing this morning.

On a side note, I finished my thinking through Japan classes today too, which is pretty emotional as I really enjoyed the course, the people, the discussion, not all of the films though. 2 films that were weird were Akira (watched that yesterday) and The Insect Woman. Have you seen either of these? Interested to hear opinions.

Jumper, H&M; Denim Shirt, Oasis; Studded jumper, Papillone; Jeans, Primark (I know bad quality, but I'm pretty broke) 
Bracelet from church

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