Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I'll be back one day

So I have decided to return to blogger.
tumblr was great for the time I had with it, but now I feel a little too old to be on it. It saddens me that so much of it is pre-occupied with looking good and I'm fed up of seeing half-naked girls sucking in their non existent stomachs on my feed. So back to blogger, where I have more control. 

So much has changed since I last posted on here. Seriously. It was April 2011. Nearly 2 years ago. I was just finishing my A-levels, at college, in Surrey, not many friends, living at home, and overweight (BMI at 28.8)!

Now. I am at university, in Edinburgh, studying economics with management science, have a few good friends up here and many many amazing friends back in Surrey. I live with 2 flatmates, in a freezing student flat (it has to be done, right? heating is expensive) Also I am no longer overweight. My BMI is in the normal range, I'm still working at getting it down some more, but its not my main preoccupation. I am now more concerned with  fitness than with weight. I like food. I cook good food. 

I want to travel. Hopefully the next time I take a look  back on my blog I'll have been to some new places.

Apparently this year will be the  best in our lifetime to see the Northern Lights, so I hope to go to Iceland. I've just checked flights from Edinburgh to Reykjavik (yes I did just have to spell check that) and they're reasonable; Ryanair do a route, so  as long as I'm luggage free I could probably do it without too great an expense.

Its my penultimate week of second year lectures and I have 2 exams to go until I can enjoy my summer. I don't think I'm going away because I'm interning and working (part time of each) so its unlikely I'll find time for that, but I don't mind. Its going to be great.

Oh and by the way, a lot of my old posts pictures have been taken down, so that's why it all looks a bit odd.

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