Thursday, 4 April 2013


Had my presentation today. So I had to dress slightly smarter than usual, hence the dress. Not super formal, especially as I had my thermal top on underneath. I thought it was going to be really cold. It wasn't, I was boiled, and had a cardigan on too because I couldn't have gone with my thermal sleeves out!  (excuse my face, I'd been tossing+turning all night and woke up mad early)
 I think it went well, the presentation that is, I hope. People said it was great..which is a pretty big compliment as I don't remember hearing that being said to anyone else..I don't know, maybe I just wasn't listening. Anyway I felt it went well anyway, which is important. I think. Oh I don't know, the thing with these things is that your marker/tutor/teacher/lecturer mightn't have liked it and then you're screwed. However, I made him laugh so I feel that that's a positive (?)
So I headed home because I felt I deserved it. It was such a lovely day and I'd finally completed all my coursework ( handed in some more yesterday) so I grabbed a snack (above) of pumpkin seeds roasted with garlic powder (YUM!) and headed up the Salisbury Crags. The views were spectacular; such blues! I romped around for quite a while.
Did a few sprints down the bottom and then up the hill, and found a new place (which I slid around in like a small child + got a few splinters in myself). I checked no one was around and just played. It was great. I know, I know, I'm 20 years old, but sometimes you just have to play, even when you're by yourself.
 Stopped for a snack and a quick selfie at the top. I packed the last of my nakd bars (apple pie) and it was lovely, to just look over Edinburgh, snacking on a healthy bar, seeing the snow on the Pentlands in the distance (below), in the sun..although it was windy

I hear its been snowing at home. Madness! I fly tomorrow so I'll see how that goes.

Stay cool, xo

Dress, Topshop; Thermals, Hand-me-downs so no idea :]

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