Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh Happy Daaaaay

 Handed my essay in today! Happy day, last essay of 2nd year!
I semi-apologise for the fact that this picture is a weird one, i.e. phone covering face, but I couldn't be bothered with make-up today so I thought the best thing was to hide it a bit. I liked my outfit, so I took a picture.
Why is there stuff in my sink? Our bath is being repaired, and everything had to be removed from it. Hope that's a satisfactory answer (:
My dress has a graphical(?) design of a study hall which is SO appropriate. I love it. And my jumper has zips.

What more could you want!?
Its quite large, I bought it a while ago, but its so comfortable and cosy, its love.
Oh also apologies (not semi this time) for the random bath mat..I'm going to blame the workman for that, blame on my part too for not realising when taking the picture.

Jumper, French Connection; Dress top, Zara; Jeans, Primark (as per), socks (hehe) Adidas (part of my Games Maker uniform, they're very comfortable)

Stay well, xo

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