Thursday, 11 July 2013

A sweet escape, my hiding place

I think these next few pictures speak for themselves. I wish I had more money, then I'd have sampled like everything.
 This guy was so careful in pouring out his bruschetta topping, it was almost an art.
 These funny chaps were at the end of the food stalls.

 Ahhh YUM!
 Then we stumbled across a Beano exhibition. SO RANDOM, SO FUN.
 Notice my glasses as Gnasher's face..I'm such a joker.
 Karli didn't quite get it, but its such a traditional British experience I couldn't let her miss out.
 Apparently Dennis the Menace is blonde in the US...who knew?

This was the 'Tree House'...apparently no adults allowed, but I'm 20, that doesn't really count does it? 

 Obviously, I had to add my name to the graffiti. I tried to be creative & failed. Naomi it was.
 We played ping pong for a while. I'm better than I expected.

And here's some cheeky birds to leave you with.

Next stop; East London.

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