Wednesday, 10 July 2013

And everyday I'm learning about you the things that no one else sees

In my last post I mentioned how Karli wanted to see street art. Here's some great examples. I don't know who this artist is, but these pieces are magnificently huge.

 The next thing we stumbled across were these bizarre creations.
 It was fun to describe these British-isms to my American friend. The fact that we do such things just for fun I think was slightly absurd to her. I guess it stems from the American stereotype of Brits as uptight/conservative..which I guess we are in some senses, yet our humour is deep routed as a nation, although slightly dry and self-deprecating, very amusing.
Things you'd hear around your neighbourhood. A lot of them you're more likely to hear in the North/Midlands (where I grew up) which was fun to see. Maybe that's part of the point though, to get Londoners to have a slightly greater neighbour-mentality.

 Loved that the Festival of Neighbourhood incorporated the nations. This piece had a poem playing inside of it, read by the school children who did the painting/design. It was slightly creepy, but very fun.
 Next we spied the South Bank Street Food Market. YUM.
 They were growing strawberries on the steps. So very quaint.
 Of course we had to sample the free food.

More to come...

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