Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Children of the light

Hi. I'm back, after a long drought. I have been MAD busy the last few months, and I've also not been wanting to procrastinate as what I've been doing has been so fun (especially interning with church).
However, I had a few days off..I organised my days off to work out so I had an elongated weekend (although technically still intern on Sundays, serving in church which to be honest I'd be doing anyway, but maybe not in as many services) and had a friend come to visit from Edinburgh, Karli. 
Karli's an exchange student from California (I've been invited back so must take advantage of that) and she was in Edinburgh for the year.
 She'd previously been to London and hadn't really enjoyed it that much. She did all the touristy stuff so I thought I'd show her a different, more fun, side of the big smoke. I do realise that she is stood underneath the London Eye which is incredibly touristic, however this was just on our journey..not the destination.
 We headed down to South Bank and stumbled upon the Festival of Neighbourhood. They've set up a temporary allottment, which is fun. There were so many vegetables and plants, but these were the most entertaining to look at.
 Karli also mentioned she wanted to see some cool street art. Here's some on the side of Wahaca.
 I really want to eat at this one one day. I've been to the one at White City Westfield for a work do, last year, and that was highly enjoyable. I particularly liked their quesadillas.
Here's a bit more of the Festival of Neighbourhood.I took so many photos I'm going to leave it here for today. More to come tomorrow.

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